Scrapbook Daily – Advent Style

I love to include pictures in my scrapbooks; however, I always struggle to make sure my pictures “blend in” with the colors and flow of the scrapbook.  One day last month I was walking around Michaels, pondering this exact struggle when I saw a Christmas advent calendar.  That is when I came up with the idea to create an advent style scrapbook.  I can decorate the page however I would like and place my beloved pictures behind flaps that “pop up”.  I made this project using 2 methods.  1st using the Cricut Explorer and 2nd using an Exacto blade.  While both are easy and create beautiful results, the Exacto blade method is much more time-consuming.

The Craft using the Cricut Explorer

To make an advent scrapbook in Cricut Design Space is really easy.  All you have to do is create a square.  3 sides of the square are cut lines and the 4th line is a score line.  Using the Cricut, place the decorative sheet in the Cricut to create the advent pop-ups.  Once cut out, tape a simple coordinating piece of cardstock to the back of the decorative sheet (do not place glue where the cut outs are!).  After that, you have places to put your photos

The Craft using an Exacto blade.

While this is really easy it is very time-consuming.  The first thing I did was determine the layout of the advent scrapbook.  To achieve this I cut out different sizes of card stock and tried out different layouts until I found one I liked


After that, I traced out the cardstock templates on the back of the decorative card stock. ( I also cut a triangle in the corner of each rectangle so it would be easy to pick up each flap)


Then I cut out 3 sides of each rectangle with an Exacto blade to create the flap.


Lastly, I taped a simple coordinating piece of cardstock to the back of the decorative sheet (do not place glue where the cut outs are!).This created the perfect spot to put a photo.

The Layout

Pinterest has ALL kinds of picture layouts.  For future projects, I will peruse pinterest to come up with different layout formats for the advent scrapbook

The Plan

I plan on creating an entire album using this format.  This album will include pictures from special days; for example, Christmas, New Years, My daughter’s one-month birthday etc…  I also would like to include a page that is closer to the traditional advent Christmas calendar.  For example, in comparison to a Christmas advent calendar that has candy behind each day in December before Christmas, I could create the same thing except place a picture from that day instead of the candy.

Happy Crafting!


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