DIY Love Letters – Anniversary Tradition

I have always been a sucker for tradition.  I eat black eye peas on New Years Day and make cinnamon buns on Christmas morning.  This is something my family has always done and I love the idea of holding some things constant in our family.  When my first wedding anniversary rolled around in 2014, I wanted to start a tradition that my husband and I could do.  I did not want to do something that involved going to the same place every year because life is crazy at times and you never know where or what you will be doing.  I wanted to do something simple, easy yet full of love.  That is when I came up with the idea for my husband and I to write each other a love letter every year on our anniversary.  Here is how it works

How it works

On our anniversary, we write a love letter to each other.  This love letter can be about anything (what we love about each other, what we look forward to in the future…anything that moves us).  Once we finish writing the letter, we roll it up and place it into a large glass bottle.  The bottle stays on the top of a bookshelf all year long.

love-letters-pix-jpgWhen our anniversary comes up the next year we do the following:

  • Pour each other a glass of wine
  • Open any gifts we might have gotten
  • Take out the love letters we wrote to each other the previous year and read them
  • Talk about each other’s love letters (what we meant, did we achieve any goals we set out in the love letter etc…)
  • Write a new love letter to each other (will be opened the following year)
  • Roll up new love letter and place in glass bottle
  • Put the previous years’ love letters into an envelope and place the envelope in the love letter mini album I made.

We have decided that on our anniversaries that end in the number 5 we will go back and read all of each other love letters.  We did this so we can go back and see how the love we have for each other has grown over the years.

The Craft

This craft can be as simple as you want it to be.  I used a wedding paper pad from Michaels to create A4 sized envelopes to put our love letters in after we read them.  I then created a very simple mini album to place the envelopes in.

Why I love this craft

This tradition can be performed anywhere there is pen and paper – which is everywhere.  It doesn’t take long but is something my husband and I look forward to every year.



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