Nursery Words of Affirmation

My husband and I believe in the power of words so when brainstorming our nursery decor, words of affirmation was a critical part of the plan.  My talented little sister and I started a think tank on different ways to make this happen and what we came up with is timeless, beautiful and elegant.


We decided to surround the room with quotes from people close to our new baby girl.  I reached out to her soon to be grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles and pastor and asked them the following question.  “If you had one piece of advice for Tia, what would it be?”.  They sent me their responses and my sister and I set out to format them.

The Cut

This was the easiest part.  The animal theme for our nursery was an elephant so my sister found a simple elephant outline online that I uploaded into my Cricut Explorer Air to cut

The Color

We wanted the quotes to “blend into the room” so the eye would not be overly distracted. Therefore, we found a gorgeous pink color we wanted to print-and-cut the elephants on and then had Lowe’s match the room’s paint color to the paper color we chose.  By doing this the elephants blended into the pink bow/ribbon my sister painted on the walls.

The Print

We used the writing feature on the Cricut Explorer Air to write out the quote on each elephant prior to cutting. This is one of the reasons why I love my Cricut Explorer.  My sister and I came up with an obscure idea and the Cricut allowed us to use a custom design to create a finished project — I am not sponsored by the people at Cricut, I really do love this machine.

The Future

I see this project growing with my daughter as she gets older and her room changes.  Hopefully, she will want to continue to have these words around her.  However, one of my upcoming projects is to make a custom book to put the elephants in that she can open and peruse through at any time



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