Wedding Programs – my first craft

The first craft I ever made (well the first one I was ever brave enough to show someone besides my husband ūüôā ) was the¬†program for my brother’s wedding. ¬†Now, before I get into more detail about this¬†project I want to clarify a few things

  1. Yes, that is my paper trimmer in the background of the picture.  When I took this picture I had no idea that I would one day be uploading it to a blog where picture quality mattered.  I was simply taking a picture of the program to get approval from my now sister-in-law Рgotta make the bride happy!
  2. This kind of goes with point number 1 but yes, the photo quality ..well sucks.  I was not trying to take a great picture, I was trying to show my future sister-in-law what her program looked like.  If I had any idea that this picture would be uploaded online for public consumption and critique I would have at least turned on all of the lights in the dining room.
  3. Yes, some of the letters are highlighted, it is not your screen.  This is because I used a reflective foil to make the programs.

I could have taken the time to crop out the paper trimmer and brighten the photo but I wanted this post to be as genuine as possible.  My crafting journey has been a progression and I want you to see where and how I started.

Now that I have cleared up the questionable photo, let’s get into the craft!

I came up with the design for the programs by looking at a TON of wedding programs online to get inspiration.  Once I determined what I wanted it to look like, I created the design for the program in Microsoft PowerPoint. Once I finalized the design (and the bride approved), I drove to a local FedEx store and printed them on a jumbo laser printers.  In order for the foiling technique I used to work, the ink has to printed on a laser printer.  Once I had the laser printed programs in hand (I printed them in black and white), I came home and foiled them using my Minc machine.  If you have never foiled a project before do not be scared, if you know how to laminate paper, then you know how to foil.  It takes 3 easy steps

  1. Place the colored foil on top of the black and white image you want to foil
  2. Place the foil and image inside of the Minc provided plastic sleeve
  3. Run the plastic sleeve through the Minc machine

Presto!  You have a foiled project.

It was so easy to do, I made half of her programs silver and the other have purple (silver and purple were the 2 main colors of the wedding).




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